Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bedrooms and Trees

Its me again and my random thoughts (photos) for everybody to see. I still have this tree fascination for my babies room and the picture above will be the tree I am buying. Very different colour schemes in all my pictures but I love the aqua colour in the pictures above. There is something so refreshing about blue, aqua and red. I also love the hint of lemon thrown in as well. Oh well, so many choices but at least I know I will be having a tree in my babies room.
On a different note...My oldest son actually is now very excited about his room and wants it decorated very similar to the one I had previously shown before ( it had a basketball hoop in it) Once he saw his room painted at the house, he could visualise what it would be like living in the house and all his stuff finally in his room. Will keep you posted...
Mrs B

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