Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Inspiration

Picture from Gardenweb...Zipdee's Room
This is it! I have found the colour inspiration for my babies room. Everything about this picture I love. The bedspreads, the turquoise cushions, green sheets and of course the wonderful bookshelf filled with all the complimentary colours...red, orange. blue, green etc The pretty bedroom has been designed for 3 girls but the colours are just perfect for a baby boy, well I think so anyway hehe My latest news is that I bought a beautiful cream sleigh bed for my little boy. All my ideas are slowly coming together...I have always wanted a contemporary nursery that can grow with a child. Now I am on the look out for bed linen to put on his bed, nothing babyish but more like the bedding in the picture above.
Mrs B


stormygirl said...

It all looks lovely, fresh and 'citrusy', Mrs B! Great about the sleigh bed! I fell in love with a sleigh cot for my babies, it was gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all come together.

Mrs B said...

Thanks Stormy! For some reason, the colour combination really appeals to me. I also like the way the owner has made the beds, the doona has been folded down the end of the bed to show the blanket underneath. I wonder in real life if this is the way the beds are made every day...somehow I think it is.


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