Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Stormy

Now you may ask what is a girls bed doing in my blog when I have boys...As I tried to explain to Mr B and the other older boys that just because it has pink bed linen on it, doesn't make it a girls bed LOL Stormy asked me for a picture of the Sleigh Bed I won on ebay so here it is! I love it and it will look just perfect in my little babies room for the next few years...I will show you another picture with blue bedlinen on it in a few months time!
Mrs B


-Sha said...

I love that bed!!- for boy or girl.. I cant wait to see his room all done up

stormygirl said...

LOL, thankyou Mrs B! Regardless of whether it is for a girl or a boy, the bed is gorgeous, and will look stunning in any bedroom.

I haven't really put too much indepth thought into my children's new bedrooms, too caught up in the Lounge and Dining! ;-). I have a few 'ideas', though.

Mrs B said...

Hi Sha
I'm so glad that you like the bed! Apparently it is a cream finish with some wood showing through, sounds just beautiful. I cant wait to set the room up and I promise there will be heaps of photos on my blog to show you.

Mrs B

Mrs B said...

Hi stormygirl
I know what you mean! I had devoted all last year to my kitchen that I think I bored everyone who even showed remote interest in my house! I would love to see your ideas how you are going to decorate your kids rooms...I am running out of ideas for mine LOL


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