Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Tiffany Inspired Dinner Party

 My Dinner Table

After much initial planning, my 'tiffany inspired' dinner party was a great success and the little special touches I added to the table, just made the whole night just that more special for my friend and her family. I started planning this a few weeks ago with buying the main fabric cloth from spotlight. The Tiffany Blue colour I was after is very hard (almost impossible) to match but the  blue colour I did find was the closest match. Then life events (hospital stays family and friend) distracted me from further planning. It wasn't until the night before party, I actually had the energy to start thinking once again about how I was going to set the table and what else I was going to need.

 I ran around the local shopping center looking for those 1 or 2 special touches that would create a beautiful table. I already had many of the key elements but wanted to get something special that my friend would remember and take home with her. Keeping with my colour theme, I knew I would have to introduce black elements throughout and wasn't sure or confident I could do it. I went into Morgan and Finch where my beautiful niece works and she suggested I buy the little candle holders that have a floral black and white dainty pattern, Perfect, I bought 3 as well as a pack of 3 little candles in blue packaging that I could put on the table with a white ribbon as a little token for the ladies at the table to take home.

Menu Cards
Next I had to get something that I could use as menus for the table. I went to Kikki K and bought a packet of black and white photo cards. I printed 8 black and white photos of my friend and her family each picture as a reminder of the very happy moments we have shared in our lives. The menu I printed and pasted inside the cards. I really think it was this attention to detail that made my friends feel very special and the whole night personalised for just them. They also got to take all the cards home as a reminder of their last night with us in Melbourne.

 This is one of the menu cards up close and my friend who is also godmother to my youngest child (seen in the picture when he was about 3 years old)

A picture of the menu inside the photo card

 You can also see more clearly the little extras I added like the diamonds underneath my chandelier. Everybody loved them for some reason so I gave the guest of honour some to take home. I bought these at Dusk and we played with them all night!

Drinks Table
The gorgeous champagne bowl belongs to my friend Pip (who prepared all the food for the dinner party) and it is the most handy item to have when having a few people over. We just plonked some ice in it, added champagne, coke bottles and 'chick drinks' so people could help themeselves. It really creates a nice party atmosphere and allows me to dither around the kitchen without forgetting to refill my guests drinks. The secret weapon we had on this occasion was a drink called Cosmo. The best cocktail I have ever sip and you are in party mode haha. 

Couldn't help it but had to include one food dish (and I do apoloigise about the spoon still in the soup dish, you just dont think when you are trying to eat and take pictures at the same time). I heard on the radio yesterday that 50% of people hate photos on facebook of what people are eating. So here I am posting just one photo only because I love my plate so much. At the time we bought these soup bowls, we could only afford 4 and they were even half price. So what we do is serve our guests their food in the nice dishes and we have just the old crappy white ones. Seriously, I will have to buy another 4 but they are sooooo expensive..... Sigh, just add one at a time I think!
So there it is. My dinner party...where are the flowers? It just didn't happen that's all. Another hospital emergency on the day of the party so I did what I had to do, just didn't physical have the time or the energy to buy the white flowers I had my mind set on.
Mrs B xxx


A-M said...

Oh Mrs B, you have outdone yourself! Your friend must have been delighted. You put so much thought into it all! I for one LOVE food photos! Those plates are to die for. A-M xx

Home Furnishing Company said...
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stormygirl said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Mrs B! I'm your sure dinner party was a huge success, it all looks so beautiful. Sorry to hear about the hospital's never fun :(.

Joe Lewis said...

Beautiful decoration. Loved your cutlery set and your blue theme for the party. Good doing!!

Courtesy - Forerunners Healthcare

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

Love the colours Mrs B (B for Blue I presume!) haha

so pretty, when am I coming for a dinner like that? :)


Kellie Collis said...

It's a fabulous table! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

Scott Davidson said...
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RosieRose said...

Hey Mrs B,
So excited to see that the party went to plan and that your friend loved it and that you were able to enjoy a cosmo or two.....
I hope that the hospital visits were nothing too serious.... wishing you all the best..
I loved the photo card menus they were my favourite part. :)

Julie-Ann said...

MrsB it is so gorgeous. You got the blue just perfect. I can't decide what I love the most. Actually the whole lot together. It is perfect:)

h&b said...

what a beautiful friend you must me .. this almost brought me to tears! xx

Seoroom said...

nice design

Sheamus Warior said...
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