Monday, August 20, 2012

Chanel Print

My Chanel No 5 Print from  Made By Girl

 My Chanel No 5 print arrived today all the way from New York. I must admit, the quality is outstanding and printed on paper that makes it look like the original. It has texture and a depth to it that I have never come across prints before. I love it!
For the moment, it is in a small gold frame beside my bed but it doesn't really do the picture justice. Even Mr B told me to go and get it framed properly as he liked it as well. I am really liking this blog (Made By Girl) at the moment, probably because New York is on my mind all the time and I wish we could go there this year. I am determined to go back to New York (my favourite city) for a BIG birthday present in the next few years. There has to be some consolation in turning 50 so I am determined to be like Carrie in Sex In The City and stroll down 5th Avenue without a care in the world

My picture sits on my beside table for now

I am really liking this iPhone cover as well from Made by Girl. Who else in Australia would have an iPhone cover like this?


Mrs B xxx


Anonymous said...

I really like that picture. It looks great! The iPhone cover is very wantable too. :-) x

A-M said...

Oh I love your print! Love, love, love! A-M xx

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Love how blogging & the internet bring the world together :-) Your Chanel print looks fantastic. I wonder how it would look in a silver or champagne frame - I think that would make the gold colour of the perfume really stand out, rather than compete with the gold frame.

Nice iPhone case too. If I had an iPhone, I'd get a funky case for it :-)

{We've pretty much decided to go with pretty & durable & not slippy tiles for the bathroom floor. Thanks for your input!}

Heartfire At Home said...

The print is fab, fab, fab!! I really like Made By Girl's stuff. I'd love to see New York some day, sigh. I think I'll be waiting a while for that trip! The phone cover is great too!

Man Van London said...
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Sunil Kumar said...

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