Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time for Christmas...great gift ideas

All images from Mooza Designs

Already the shops have Christmas decorations and since I love shopping and Christmas, I am always on the lookout for wonderful gift ideas. Yesterday, the Herald Sun featured a company called Mooza Designs who create gorgeous hand crafted resin and acrylic letters, words and symbols. Imagine receiving a gift like the word BLISS personalised for you in all your favourite colours. I have 6 nieces and forever racking my brain as to what I can get them for Christmas...always something special just for them. I think this will be one my Christmas list.

Mrs B


Elements said...

Great idea for the exterior. Actually these would be perfect as long as they were nailed glued and welded down for the numbers on your verge. A very decorative way for your friends to find you.
I think Merry Christmas On my front door would look very cool. Thanks Mrs B

A-M said...

Oh I love these. I have just ordered the 'travel' one for my next great room bookcase that doesn't exist yet. Oh dear, that doesn't help the Christmas list... buying for one's self. A-M xx

DesignTies said...

Nice!! I like the map "Travel" letters -- so perfect!! :-)

I'm tempted to order the house numbers (assuming they ship worldwide). Good thing our address is only two digits ;-)



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