Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etsy shop of the week.

This would have to be one of my all time favourite Etsy shop. The artist creates the most whimsical original oil paintings that I just cant help but smile when I look at one. Now when I get that Paypal account organised, Mr B is going to commission one for me for Christmas...he doesn't know he is going to do this but he will!

On my Christmas list is a Nest painting just like one in the picture. The 3 eggs will of course represent my 3 cute is this painting.

Next on my Christmas list is a swing 'leap' painting that depicts an age that all my boys have been. As long as the little boy in the picture has strawberry blond hair thats fine as my boys look the same anyway LOL
There is something about this particular painting that lifts my spirits and reminds me of a happy childhood...carefree, full of hope and joy.

How do you have a cow in your house? Easy...look at the episode of Grand Designs.

Grand Designs

I know you cant see the cow due to her head being in the way... but believe me its a cow. when I saw the episode with the cow picture, my heart did a back flip. Anything is possible in decorating!


I just love this bee painting...

Look at the colours when grouped with other pictures. I love this painting so much but maybe my one will be of a little boy holding balloons.

Another Leap painting. How could you ever not smile every time you walk past a painting like this in your home.

Three little children. Should I do a picture like this with my three boys?
Hope you enjoyed looking at one of my favourite Etsy sellers...more to come.
Mrs B xxx


Annie@A View On Design said...

yes, I loved it - great pics - I find out about artists I never would have if not for blogs!!! love em!

kexkez said...

oo lovely pictures. I would love a cow picture. It would have to be a highland cow however. DH loves them and so do I. One of the reason he actually agreed to the move here was because he saw some in a nearby town when we came exploring before we made out move decision. I would love to get a picture painted the size of that cow one just for him.

Love the leap pic too.

DesignTies said...

All of these paintings are so whimsical & charming, and definitely bring a smile to your face :-) I love all the brights colours, and that cow is so cute!!

Thanks for the introduction to RozArt :-)



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