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Lets 'really' talk about teenage boy's rooms!

Image from Tommaso Ziffer
As you all know, I have this fixation on how to decorate and the design that goes into teenage boys bedrooms. There is very little out there that really inspires me and makes me say wow!!!! gee that is a stunning room for a guy 15 years and above. I literally have hundreds of images of the most stunning bedrooms for babies, children and teenage girls but where are the rooms design specifically for teenage boys and older?
Its like when I go clothes shopping for my boys. The whole floor will have the most beautiful trendy clothing for girls and when I politely ask where is the boy clothing situated, its always in the corner, just a few selections of boring colours and designs, hidden out of sight because obviously boys don't where clothes hahahaha Anyway, a bit off track but the point being is I am determined to decorate my boys rooms that totally not only look fantastic but rooms that suit them and their life this is going to be a challenge, believe me!
So, my question is, what is the most important design element that should be in a male teenagers room. I would love to hear from everybody your thoughts on this to help me kick start this project or quest I should call it LOL

Is it the paint colour, window furnishings, computer (this is one thing my boys will never be allowed to have in their rooms, for a good reason) tv's, desk or just a place to lounge with friends. From your experience, as a parent or interior decorator, what is the most important thing a young man would want in their room. I will be very interested to hear from you all.

Image from Rees Roberts via Desire to inspire

Now this bedroom is stunning! Its the blinds that makes the room....but once again, its for a girl but could easily be a boys room. But, would a boy actually like this room? (take away the girly stuff) to tell you the truth I don't know...that's why I need help to understand what they really need and want.

On another note...You may remember that my lovely husband built some shelving so that all my son's toys could have a 'home' downstairs. The inspiration came from It's the little things that make a house a home karla has done a wonderful job in making her son's room more usable and child friendly. She has adapted her son's room to suit his life style...why have a big robe if he doesn't have the clothing to use all that space. So this is what got me thinking....
Mrs B


Cristin said...

How funny! I just posted about decorating little boy rooms. I agree, boys (little and big) don't get the attention girls receive when it come to clothing and decor.

I have found that all teenagers need their own space. They love having a small area (sofa, club chairs, ottomans) for their friends to hang out. I don't like TVs in the bedroom, but that is up to the homeowner of course.


Kek said...

Oh Mrs know what a battle I have with my boys... :(

I agree with Cristin that a space for some seating for hanging out with friends is important.

But the one thing that they need (as opposed to what they want) is storage that really works. You know, the kind that's so easy to use that they actually use it.

You also have to think about the fact that kids these days don't seem to want to leave home. So they're likely to still be in that room well into their 20s - in which case, they will have their own computer, and possibly a TV as well, so allowing enough space for those things is wise.

Of course, if you want to discourage them from staying at home too long, make their rooms as small as possible so they're forced to go find their own place. LOL.

The clothing thing used to drive me buts too, right from when mine were babies. Seventeen racks of girls' clothes and only two of boys'. Retail managers and buyers need to realise that boys' parents have money to spend too!

kexkez said...

As teh parent of a 14 1/4 yr old boy hmm Bed! A comfortable Bed and bedding is important. :)
Sorry. Oh and storage. My son doesn't seem fussed at all about his bedroom. I guess after reading someone elses blog this morning we should consider getting him a desk again. Both our boys had desks before we moved but got rid of them as it was just a clutter zone for them and not being used as a desk. But now our eldest is well and truely a teenager he prefers to do his homework in his room rather than out at the table so a desk would be a good thing for him to have.Time to have a chat with him about his room and what he would like in it. I'm with you about no computers in their rooms or TV"s. Although if he gets to the stage of pt work and buys his own that will be different kettle of fish and still to be negotiated.

Katrina Chambers said...

Oh I feel your pain! I have 3 boys. While they are little, I seem to have 2 of their rooms under control, but it's my 8 year old I struggle with. He is very mature and I don't want him having a 'baby/little boy' space. He wants his room to be older looking. He has a queen bed (which is great for visitors), but that doesn't leave much room for anything else. I am struggling to get his room to work. He does have a black wall like the above pic!

De Novo Concepts said...

I don’t have any sons, just a daughter who now lives with her man.

I have never been called to sort out storage for boys, or girls for that matter.
But I did help DD with her new wardrobe.

Poor boys… they do get the bad end of the stick, probably because we think they are happy with whatever. :(

DesignTies said...

I think it's important to incorporate a boy's interests and favourite colours into his room. A spot to hang out with friends is a good idea. And a desk for homework. I'm totally with you on the "no TV" thing.

The blinds in the second picture you posted are so cool!! Why not find a couple of pictures of things your boys love and have similar blinds made for them??


A-M said...

.... hence the reason I have not posted any pictures of my boys rooms yet. I'm stumped. A-M xx

日月神教-任我行 said...



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