Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kitchen and wardrobe fitouts...the start

Back to blogging about my house! One exciting thing that has happened is the Bianco Romano stone is now safely on my kitchen bench, exactly how I imagined it to be. There was part of me that wanted to wait to show you my kitchen when it was all completed, pretty and clean but as I have said once before, this is not a 'home beautiful' magazine but a builders blog...the good, the bad and the ugly! I think its important to keep a record of how my house is built so if my kitchen looks half finished then that's the way it is LOL The problem with me, as you can tell from previous posts, is that I focus too much on the mess and aspects of my house that are only half completed. Anyway, beside that, I think my kitchen is coming along exactly how I imagined it to be. Stay tune for the glass coloured splash back! I am (well maybe) using a very deep red , colour. I still dont know if I made the right colour choice. Not too late to change it...what do people think????

A picture of the back bench...gees I love this granite (after the hassle and the expense I will allow myself the luxury of saying how nice it is LOL!) The hole is for the stove and underneath are for all the pot drawers.

This is a sneak preview for what has just been wardrobes fit out in some sort of oak colour. I had no idea what I selected as I had to pick 5 different colours in case it was out of stock. I still have not seen it yet as I had to work back late and Mr B took a few photos (he took 7 only tonight and he didn't think the cararra marble in the bathrooms were important enough to take pics off...we had 'quite' words about this misunderstanding hehe

This is part of my draw for my wardrobe, I couldnt get over how nice the wood looks like in the photo. I have no idea what it is that I selected but just another wonderful random moment in my housebuild...I never know what is going to be selected next for me!
Mrs B


stormygirl said...

WOW Mrs B!!! Just look how the slab of granite has come up...just absolutely fantastic!

How exciting for you to see all your colour choices finally coming together! Can't wait to see it all finished!

Lee said...

From what I can see here your kitchen is going to look so, so gorgeous. The stone and cabinetry complement each other beautifully. And I love the choice of handles. Can't wait to see it when it's all finished. It's already looking very glamorous!

DesignTies said...

First, your kitchen -- STUNNING!! It's going to look fantastic when it's all done!! I love the long window behind the counter. I wish we had a window like that in our kitchen. I wish we had cabinets and counter tops like yours too!!

I think deep red glass tiles would look really sharp against the light counter tops and cabinets. I could also envision a chartreuse green or smokey blue/gray glass tile.

Second, your wardrobes -- love the wood. You mentioned oak, but I wonder if it might be walnut?? Whatever it is, the colours and grain are beautiful. Is there a finish on the wood yet, or is that still to come?? I would go with a clear varathane on the wood to intensify the colour without changing it.

It's great that you're sharing the progress as it happens -- although I know how you feel about wanting to wait for the final product. But it's so hard to wait for the end of the project to come -- especially when you have wonderful granite counter tops and wood wardrobes to show off!! :-)

Looking forward to seeing more as it happens.... :-)


Mrs B said...

Hi Kelly
Silly me! of course its walnut(I cant believe I said oak hehe) as all the wood in my house is walnut. I think my brain is so muddled at the moment I dont even know what I have selected. I must admit, I am very impressed that you picked up the grain of the wood just from a pic!
I am going to think carefully about the colour of the glass splashback and will definately look at the green and blue/ grey tones you suggested.

Hi Stormy and Lee thankyou for all your nice really is the only feedback I get. My own family havent seen the inside of the house because it is always locked up when they go down.

Mrs B

A-M said...

Oh it's looking just fabulous. Your bench tops are to die for (don't change your mind again A-M, don't change your mind!).... and your wardrobe fitout... well that's just total luxury. Can't wait to see more! A-M xx


DesignTies said...

Well, we installed 500 sq ft of walnut flooring in our loft a year ago, so I've been up close and personal with walnut and recognize the colour and the grain :-)

Whatever colour backsplash you go with, I'm sure it will be fabulous!! I love all the design choices that you've made so far :-)

Funny -- I was wondering what kind of benches you were putting in your kitchen and why they were going to be marble. I realize now that what you call kitchen benches, we call counter tops!!


Kek said...

Now this is the exciting part! I love seeing all the bits and pieces come together. The granite is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the wardrobe all assembled.

What IS it with men? I'm sure that not taking photos of the bathroom marble is grounds for divorce....

braveheart said...

Hi Mrs B, I love your walnut colour - I was looking for a colour like that during my colour selection but my builder only offers laminex so I ended up with Amari Oak. The benchtops are stunning and I am sure will look fantastic with the white cupboards + walnut feature. About the glass splashback - you are exactly like me - I never seem to make up my mind. Henna Red should work but you could also look at green and mid-grey/grey-brown. As you know I changed my ceasarstone benchtop to Nougat 60 mm and I love it. I am currently obsessed with wattyl Donkey colour and seriously considering spraying overheads/microwave tower 2 pac - however I continue to agonise about the splashback colour.

Lynne said...

The kitchen looks great. As someone who put in a new kitchen (with much stress) last year, I don't envy you! I'm sure your colour choice will be great! I didn't have any splashbacks, just a lip on the granite, and a large piece of granite at the back of the cooker and I think it looks good that way - think there are some photos on my blog if you have a look.

Michelle Stokes said...

Mrs B……your kitchen looks fantastic, keep the photos coming.

I’m about to work on my blog again.


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