Monday, February 16, 2009

House Pictures...


The picture above shows the view we get from our balcony. The last panel on the right cuts out our view line of the park. I am not really sure why the council made us put up screening on that particular corner. Just a slight irritation as it doesn't look right but I will get use to it. At least it will protect us from the winds that come through around winter time.

Children's Bathroom

I love this picture! my kids bathroom with their new carrara marble top. The whole room just feels right, I can't wait to see the basins, shower and taps installed. The basins are a beautiful round shape that will sit on top.

Door Handles

These are the door handles I have can hardly see them. I didn't want the handles to be a feature and wanted a very clean look. At the moment, some of them are sticking to the granite but they will all be adjusted. My concern originally was that they wouldn't be easy to use but they feel really nice to open.

Powder Room

Kitchen Detail

In one of my favourite blogs DesignTies, Victoria wrote apost about a project she had been commissioned to do by a client. The major design was a magnificent fireplace that desperately needed to be remodelled, in keeping with a contempoary interior. Victoria used the combination of wood and steel strips placed horizontally up the wall. Anyway, I mentioned that there are elements in my home that have used steel as a design element. The first one is shown in the picture above. I wanted a steel strip right around the kitchen island between the granite and the doors...even though the cabintery is not on, you can still see how its going to look. I also have andoised steel fins as a feature on the outside that wrap right around the house. Of course silly me I forgot to take a photo but I might duck around tonight to take one!
Mrs B


Lee said...

Your new home looks like it's coming together beautifully - no doubt due to all the planning and creative thought you've put into the process. The materials and colour combination in the powder room are gorgeous.

DesignTies said...

How wonderful that DesignTies is one of your favourite blogs, Mrs. B!! Truth be told, Kelly and I regularly visit your blog too... we can't get enough of your beautiful home-to-be, reading about the processes involved in building your house and seeing photos of the elements inspiring your design decisions!! Personally, I'm crazy about bathrooms and yours are looking fab! Thanks for sharing how you incorported the stainless steel strip in your kitchen; great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen, by the way! Now... go out and take the exterior shot!! :-)
Victoria @ DesignTies

DesignTies said...

Mrs B, every time you post new pictures of your home, I drool all over my keyboard!!!! You make the absolute BEST design decisions!!

Shame about that one panel that cuts off your view -- but looks like you still have lots of beautiful landscape to look at :-)

The wood vanities with the marble counter tops are fantastic!! The vanities are walnut, right?? :-) I love walnut -- if you're interested, my latest post on our blog includes a picture of my loft with the walnut floor.

V already said it, but I'll say it again -- we both love reading your blog, and we're honoured that our blog is one of your favourites :-) Isn't it fun to share decorating stories from opposite sides of the globe?? :-)


braveheart said...

Mrs B, you must be excited about the progress, the walnut the marble in your powder/bathroom look fabulous and I can't wait to see the finished look with the round basins and mixers. The overlook issues screens are a shame when you have a great view - we have also been asked to get a screen on one side of our balcony and we are looking at installing aluminium lourves that allows some kind of forward/side view.

braveheart said...
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michelle said...

these are beautiful modern spaces...great job!


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