Friday, December 12, 2008

Tiling pictures

This is our powder room and in real life the porcelain tiles are so nice. We have selected a granite mosaic that will be placed at eye level. The two steel bits poking out of the wall is for our hydronic towel heater.

The next pictures is of our laundry. I am just thrilled with how everything is working out. The cabinets you see are just the carcass...the cabinet maker hasn't installed the doors/panels etc. The top cabinets are an olive green and the bottom cabinets are American Walnut. Plenty of bench space and storage. I love the thin white tiles, at first I was skeptical but the tile shop owner said they look really nice when laid...I totally agree with him.

The tilers were there late last night. We didn't want to go in and disturb them so we will just have to wait till Monday to see what they have done. Going by the off cuts in the front yard, tiling upstairs has been completed but not the powder room. I am so excited to see how it all looks.

Now, back to photos....Yippeeee I am so glad I found the ones I took of the floors a few days ago, hidden behind another folder in my computer. So here they are, not the best quality but at least you get the idea of how they look. Hope you enjoy finally seeing some of my selections for my house!
Mrs B


Petal said...

Oh, WOW, Mrs B - that's looking absolutely wonderful - what a fabulous laundry you'll have when it's done - superb, just like all of your selections! :-)

Mrs B said...

Thanks Petal, I am just pleased that finally some of the nice stuff is going into the house. I am so sick of looking at plaster hehe I agonised over the tiles and when I saw them laid I felt a huge sense of relief that my choices looked great.Looking forward to getting the house painted, supposed to be this week...we shall see.

Mrs B


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