Monday, May 19, 2014

Kate Spade inspired party part 2

This party was so much fun to plan. The cake was made by a friend and it was the first time she had ever attempted something so almost killed her, 3 days of baking hell!

   The desert table ended up so beautiful as you can see from the photos. My SIL made all the cup deserts, topped off with little heats I brought from etsy.

And here I am in my striped dress (yes I did match the tablecloths but its my party so I can wear what I want to)


Sigh, it just looks so pretty but it all went too fast. More pictures to come.


stormygirl said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Mrs B! It all looks so gorgeous, well done!! xo

Mrs B said...

Thanks Stormy. The whole house was decked out like this. I had 40 girls for was so much fun planning for months and getting everything just right.

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